Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Adopt a Reborn Baby?

Are you in love with reborn baby dolls and want to know how to adopt one? In today's post I'll share with you some information on how to adopt your first reborn baby.

There are a number of ways to find a reborn baby doll to adopt. But before you try any of those methods, I'd like to caution you to do your own research. There are unfortunately a lot of scammers online, and reborn doll community is not exempt from having them. Make sure that the person you purchase a doll from is reputable. Google their name and their business name, check with other people online who may have bought a doll from them, do whatever you can to be a super slueth to protect your investment.

Since I'm a reborn artist, of course I will tell you to go on over to my website to adopt a baby :)

But I may not have any available or you also want a baby by some of the other talented artists out there.

Popular places to look for reborns are on Ebay, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. I have bought babies from Ebay and Etsy. I have also bought directly from an artist's webpage. You can google the term "reborn baby dolls for sale" and you should find some artists that way. Another page that is less commonly known is Doll-Fan.

So know that you know how to look for a reborn baby, let's talk about what kind of doll you can adopt. You can either adopt a ready to ship baby or order  custom (which will usually take more time because the artist has not made them yet).

In the next post let's explore the difference between a custom and a ready to ship reborn baby doll.
Also, let me know where are some places that you find your reborn baby dolls?


  1. Hi I'm looking for a reborn baby that drinks, Cry's, coos,has a pacifier (dummy),does what a real baby does . thank you

  2. i need one please or maybe 2 babies