Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can Reborn Baby Artists Earn Full Time Income?

Is it possible to earn a full time income as a reborn baby artist?

We all know of the saying "starving artist. If you go into the art of making reborn baby dolls, it's a natural question to wonder if you can actually quit your day job and make a full time income making reborn baby dolls.

The answer is actually not very straightforward.

If you want to make full time income as a reborn baby artist, you'd have to first be real with yourself about what full time income means to you.

For example, if you're young with no children and no financial obligations, maybe full time income is making a little over $1000 or month, or less. (I hope previous answer does not make me look out of teach with young people living the young and free life...just saying). If that is your financial goal, then that is very possible to do as a reborn baby doll artist.

If you have children, a mortgage, and other obligations, I'd say forget it, are you freakin nuts it depends.

When you make a reborn baby doll, you are taking a risk because there is the possibility that the reborn baby doll won't sell. Won't sell?! Listen, don't get all cocky here. Yes, I know I just talked in my last blog about your art being wonderful. But even if it is the most wonderful reborn baby doll that anyone ever placed their eyes on, there is a chance that no one will want to buy it. I think the chance is small if you have a good following, but we are keeping it real here, remember?

One another note, If  iou're doing custom orders, you're going to have to have some faith that each month you will get a certain amount of custom orders to reach your income goals.

So what am I saying? Ok ok, I'm getting to the point.

Yes, it is possible to make full time income, but that means different things to each of us.

There are some artists out there who create reborn babies as their full time job, but I have not seen anyone reporting how much that income actually is. So please keep that in mind. We all have different income needs. So just because someone says, "I'm a full time reborn baby artist" doesn't mean that they are driving a Mercedes Benz....and it doesn't mean that they are eating cup 'o noodles every night either. (No offense young people...ok just kidding, I know some of you can cook. That's just what my single and childless life was like.)

BUT, that's not to say that you can't make full time income that is substantial and can meet your needs.

If you want to be a full time reborn baby doll artist here are some tips I would suggest (and these are actual tips I am using right now because I'm not a full time artist yet...).

Full Time Reborn Baby Artist Tips:

1. Diversify your product
You have to offer something that will keep getting you sales. Be creative and think of ways to reach larger market. That may mean more than just selling reborn babies. You cannot put all of your eggs into one basket.

2. Have an Emergency Fund
Probably the last tip you want to see, I know, but we are keeping it real here. Be in a position where you can deal with irregular income. As a reborn doll artist you will have months will you make a lot of money and then you will have months where you will unfortunately hit a dry spell. It happens. You have to prepare for it by having a nice sized savings and emergency fund set up to keep you and your family afloat.

3. Market yourself
No one is gonna walk into your studio and ask for you to make them reborn doll. Okay, well maybe your family will, but the majority of reborn baby dolls are sold online. You have to be shameless and put your work out there. No one's gonna know about you if you don't show your reborn babies. And with the power of the internet, you can quite literally show your reborn baby dolls to the world.

4. Quality Control
 Put time into your product. Some people make really nice reborn dolls faster than others, so I can't tell you how much time to put. But I would suggest walking away from your dolls a few times during each work session. Whenever I walk away and come back I have "fresh eyes" and that allows me to add things differently than I did before. And I try to make each baby better than the last.

5. Don't Quit Your Day Job
Not yet, anyway. I think that having  job is what makes my doll art so much more enjoyable and not like work. Plus it pushes me to really make time to create my reborn baby dolls. And, most importantly, it keeps my finances afloat so I'm not stressed about needing to sell a reborn baby doll in order to pay my mortgage.

So what are your ideas about being a full time reborn baby artist? Or  a full time artist? Please a comment below, I'd love to hear your ideas.

Be blessed <3

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Want to be a Reborn Artist?

 Have you ever thought about making your own reborn baby dolls?

There can be any number of reasons that you could be drawn to this amazing art of making reborn babies:

1: You love art and want make art on a different type of canvas, a 3 dimensional canvas.
2. You think you can save a little money by learning to make babies to add to your own personal reborn baby collection.

3. You already have your own reborn baby doll collection and you want to start making and selling them.

4. Some other reason that I just can't think of

Being a reborn artist is a lot like being any other kind of artist.

A few people are born with a natural ability. They will pick up a paint brush and vinyl kit and make babies that you swear will just poop and pee in their little reborn babies diapers in a matter of minutes.


Others of us have to take the time to learn, practice, curse, cry, and continuously hone our painting skills in order to master the art of reborn baby doll making. The first few attempts at reborn baby making will be a huge learning curving for us, leaving us with many questions and frustrations.

Whatever your reasoning or your skill level when you come into reborn baby doll making, remember that it is a form of art. There is no "reborn baby doll artist school" (although wouldn't that be freakin' awesome?!?!?!) and like all art, there is no right or wrong way. Your reborn art is just that....YOUR ART.

Sorry to yell at you, you're such a nice person (trust me, you are), but the teacher in my sometimes comes out when I'm trying to emphasize a point. And that point is that becoming a reborn artist means that you are deciding to embark a new path which will lead to a lot of discovery if you allow it.

Sure you can look at tutorials, read books, buy everything that your favorite artist recommends that you buy, but please, please, please, don't limit yourself by not leaving room for yourself to discover and create new things.

Reborn doll art is a very new art form. Reborn artists continue to evolve the art, and there are so many new things to discover. 

I think that it is easy in this art form to feel that you art is not good enough if it does not look so someone else's. Remember that your art is valuable because you created and there is not another out there just like it at all.

So if you decide to make the decision to be a reborn artist...
decide to be creative, decide to continuously learn, decide to try new things, & decide to love your art.

Let's not forget about the art behind these cute cuddly reborn babies.

Be blessed <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reborn Baby Doll Artist - Work in Progress

You know you always wanted to be a fly on the wall in my reborn baby studio....I know, you thought I'd never find out. Well, I listened to your inner yearnings and here's your chance to do just that.

Enjoy this sneak peak at my current work in progress...

If that doesn't make you feel like some kind of special insider...well, I don't know what will :)

Thanks for stopping by. Come back again soon, Share this blog and if you like what you see, please leave a comment below.

Be blessed everyone <3

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What is Reborn Mommy or Daddy? I "Reborn Baby 101", Pt. 2:

"Reborn Mommy" is a term given to women who collect reborn baby dolls. To not forget about the men who are reborn baby doll collectors, there are also "reborn daddies".

Reborn mommy or reborn daddy is a nickname given to fans of reborn baby dolls. So similar to the way that Justin Bebier has his Beliebers, Beyonce has her Beyhive, and Star Trek has Trekkies....reborn baby dolls have reborn mommies/reborn daddies.

A reborn mommy can be any age. I've made babies for a customer who was 2 years old. Some people may admire reborn baby dolls and never purchase one, but once they buckle down and adopt their first reborn, they are officially a reborn mommy.

Being a reborn mommy/daddy also means that you are part of a community. There is a rather large community of reborn mommies online. YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram are booming with new and old reborn mommies/daddies, eager to post pictures of their cute little reborn babies. It is also a way for collectors to connect, talk, and support each other by commenting on each other's videos, pictures, and also trade or sell their reborn baby dolls and their many accessories.

What do you think about the term reborn mommy/daddy? Do you consider yourself to be one? Or do you prefer to be called a doll collector?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reborn Baby Doll with a Big Brain

Me and reborn baby doll Baylee.... We have a serious date today. We have a few hours of some major reborn baby hair rooting ahead of us.

It's going to be a long Saturday. Everyone is out and about right now. So it's just me and this reborn baby doll Baylee. Don't worry I already given her plenty of anesthesia before I start in with the pokes of the sharp felting rooting needle that I use to give my reborn baby dolls their hair. Besides that, I've rooted plenty of Baylees before and they are all hard sleepers.

Baylee is so cute. But this little girl has a huge head. You can tell why she is so smart, she has a big brain.

Well, I better get started while she's still sedated.

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentines Day reborn mom's/dads 
and aunt/uncle mommies!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What is a Reborn Baby Doll?

So....what is a Reborn Baby Doll? 

I've decided to do a series about Reborn babies. We'll call it "Reborn Baby 101".

I get emails from curious meaning children, parents, and adult doll collectors who are eager to buy their little one a cute little reborn baby, but they're not quite sure what the reborn doll craze is all about.

I hope you enjoy this series. I'll also being posting vlogs to my YouTube channel for you to enjoy.

1. A reborn baby is an art doll.  And that's important to remember. When you buy reborn baby doll, you are buying a highly collectible piece of artwork that is made by a doll artist. Doll artists who make reborn dolls are called reborn doll artists.

For centuries, humans have made dolls from various materials. The reborn baby doll is no different. It is an art doll that is made by an artist. This is why you won't find a reborn doll at Walmart or any other major commercial store. These dolls are made by individual artists and sold to customers all over the world. Most of the sales of these unique art dolls occur online.

2. A reborn baby doll is made of a soft vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic material.
Here is a picture of what a reborn doll looks like before it is painted by the artist. It is basically a blank 3D canvas for the artist to paint and bring to life:

(This is a blank reborn doll head that I used to make the baby at the top of this blog post.)

The vinyl used on reborn dolls is slightly softer than vinyl you would find on child's baby doll that you would find in a store. Because reborn baby dolls are made of vinyl, doll collectors can dress them and handle them without worry that the baby doll will break.

So that is the start of your education into the world of reborn baby dolls. In the next blog post we will explore the term "reborn mommy" and why someone would want to collect reborns.