Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reborn Baby Doll with a Big Brain

Me and reborn baby doll Baylee.... We have a serious date today. We have a few hours of some major reborn baby hair rooting ahead of us.

It's going to be a long Saturday. Everyone is out and about right now. So it's just me and this reborn baby doll Baylee. Don't worry I already given her plenty of anesthesia before I start in with the pokes of the sharp felting rooting needle that I use to give my reborn baby dolls their hair. Besides that, I've rooted plenty of Baylees before and they are all hard sleepers.

Baylee is so cute. But this little girl has a huge head. You can tell why she is so smart, she has a big brain.

Well, I better get started while she's still sedated.

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentines Day reborn mom's/dads 
and aunt/uncle mommies!

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