Monday, November 9, 2015

Open for Customs

Open for Customs:
Only 12 slots for 2016. First baby will be reborned in January. I work on one custom at a time and each one takes about a month to complete.

First come first serve. I'm only offering a limited amount so that I can take some time off to practice some new techniques.

Serious inquiries only please:
You can see my prior work on Facebook or
Custom Update: I am now accepting custom orders for 2016. I have decided to offer customs on a more limited basis to allow me time to work on new techniques and also offer more babies that will be ready to ship. I'm sorry I am not able to offer more slots, please reserve yours now so that you don't miss out.

Only 12 custom slots for 2016!!

Email to place a deposit to reserve your slot.

If under 18? Please have parent or guardian contact me with any ordering questions
Due to time, I am unable to respond to messages from minors. Thank you!!


  1. How do I custom a full body reborn I am 40 years old

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  3. My name is Davis my address is 232 cr.501 Shannon Ms 38868

  4. My is yasmine i live south Carolina. And i am have hard try find a erborn slilcon new born.that not moth paymen.i can have any more kids.thank you.if can hepl me that wood be grat.i on fix income.

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  6. Hey my name is Francys Johnson and I wanted to know how much are the reborn baby because I'm trying to get one

  7. I'm only 16, but my doctor told me that there is a good chance that I won't be able to have any kids naturally because of endometriosis. Reborns give me hope and I've been looking to get one for a few years now. I haven't gotten any realistic dolls before, so I would be happy to invest in one myself (with parent permission of course).

  8. My name is Kenyatta and im 17 and i went one

  9. Hi I'd love a reborn baby girl, that drinks a bottle, etc. About 6-7 pounds. similar actions that a real baby you still make them. What price are they.